Washington State University

Proposal Management Unit

To request support, contact Dan Nordquist, AVP/Director, OR/OROS: nordquist@wsu.edu

A proposal manager will work with the lead Project Director/Principal Investigator (PD/PI) to assist proposal development from inception to submission. Support may include:

Careful Reading and Re-Reading of the Request For Proposals

To help ensure that the proposal is responsive and conforms to all specific instructions and requirements.

Meeting Coordination

e.g., Conference calls (audio or video) and/or in-person meetings of project collaborators to help maintain communication and keep proposal development on track.

Regular Meetings with the Lead PI

To check-in on how things are going, ensure coordination of effort, and develop to-do lists.

Assistance with Timelines

To help ensure that all proposal components, including documents required from collaborating partners, are prepared, reviewed and revised as needed, and ready for on-time submission.

Developing Templates/Models

To assist collaborating partners in the preparation of their proposal pieces, and enhance the cohesiveness and appearance of the final product.


To help compile and integrate collaborator input, strengthen narrative organization and project presentation, and ensure all guidelines provided in the RFP are followed.

Communicating with Subcontractors

Serve as point of contact or liaison regarding questions of proposal logistics, and for collection of documents from collaborating partners.

Budget Support

To help coordinate preparation of the WSU budget and budget justification, as well as subcontractor budgets and budget justifications.

Special Needs of Proposals

Provide assistance with other required and optional proposal components as needed.

Application Package and Submission Process

Provide assistance to help ensure the grants.gov or Fastlane application process goes smoothly.



The Proposal Management Unit (PMU) was created in response to WSU's Strategic Plan to benchmark extramural proposals for "Center and Program Project Grants". WSU recognizes the importance of these large programmatic grants with the goal of growing the university's stature as a research institution. The PMU staff will directly assist interdisciplinary teams in the administrative and logistical requirements to make the task of preparing large proposals less demanding by providing this special level of support needed to successfully submit to the funding agencies.

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